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The Allegory of the Tame and Wild Olive Trees, Jacob 5

Jacob 5

This chapter is the story of the tame and wild olive trees, which according to the record of Jacob, was actually first recorded by the prophet, Zenos, to the house of Israel. Remember what Jacob explained in chapter 4, he says that he would use this to illustrate how it is that God would gather Israel after they had rebelled against Him. Below are some verses that have stood out to me in this reading. 

Vs. 22 - Having separated small, young branches from the main olive tree, that had begun to decay, the master of the vineyard observes: "Counsel me not; I knew that it was a poor spot of ground; wherefore, I said unto thee, I have nourished it this long time, and thou beholdest that it hath brought forth much fruit."

I feel much like one of these young branches being placed in a poor spot of land, yet being frequently and abundantly nourished by the good word of God.

I find it curious the emphasis on good and evil fruits. Indeed, the measure of one's righteousness …

"The Great, and the Last, and the Only Sure Foundation," Jacob 4:14-18

Jacob 4:14-18

There are several interesting thoughts presented in these final verses that could be each treated individually. For example, verse 14 talks about God ultimately allowing all of his children to do what they will do, even if it will lead to their destruction. "...And because they desired it God hath done it, that they may stumble." Not that God will take away the consequences of bad behavior, but He does work according to our desires. On the the flip side, if our desires are God's desires, then how great are the blessings that will result.

Another interesting thought: the stone, or the sure foundation, which God had given the Jews to build upon. When Jacob gave this prophecy, he was anticipating that the Jews would reject "the stone upon which they might build and have safe foundation." (vs. 15) Jacob goes further to say that this stone is the only way that God will provide for their redemption. Jacob also knows that God will redeem His people. So it …