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"Every Man Receiveth Wages of Him Who He Listeth to Obey," Alma 3

Alma 3

(I've started reading this chapter by asking myself, "What does this chapter have to contribute to my testimony of the Lord Jesus Christ?" I've discovered this to be a good practice when I'm having a hard time wrapping my mind around the key points of the chapter.)

This chapter emphasizes the point of agency, or our complete freedom to choose, in the Gospel plan. There is also some discussion on the purpose and weight and reality of covenants. Additionally, there are some unique insights into social dynamics.

The catalyst for discussion in this chapter is the curse or marking that the Amalicites voluntarily administered to themselves (see verses 4, 13). The author's purpose in including this particular historical point is to illustrate how it was that the covenants of the Lord were fulfilled, which were originally given to Nephi and which were given as a protection for the people of Nephi  (see verses 5-8, 14-17). Within that covenant was a curse to anyon…