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"The Lord Jehovah... Is My Song," 2 Nephi 22

2 Nephi 22

These verses have a profound power attached to them as I read them. From verse 2, "I will trust, and not be afraid; for the Lord Jehovah is my strength and my song;"

I overheard a remix of a song last evening calculated to instill unity towards a noble cause. The song has long bothered me, as do many others. What's more is that it is perceived as indifference or some other form of  intolerance that I don't like such music. I would therefore do better to educate myself on my stance, so that I might more properly expound it to others as it comes into question.

"The Lord Jehovah is my strength and my song" -- Few artists will convey their testimonies of Gospel truth in song. These are hard to come by. I am seen as shallow for only liking such music. But why, when our music is so very much a part of what we feel inside of us? How can I allow other forms of unworthy music to occupy my very inner being, when I am filled with light and joy from the source …

"An Ensign to the Nations," 2 Nephi 21:10-16

2 Nephi 21:10-16

In verse 10, Isaiah prophesies of a root of Jesse being set up as an ensign for the Gentiles. Distinct from the covenant people of the Lord, these people shall also find rest through Jesus Christ, of whom the root of Jesse is reference to.

In verse 12, we read about the Lord setting up an ensign to the nations. It serves as a gather tool to bring whomever will come, unto Him: the outcasts of Israel, the dispersed of Judah, the remnants of his people wherever they are found, even upon the isles of the sea.

In a politically charged world of conflict, where every person seems to have their own personal interests at stake, verse 13 is reassuring: Ephraim and Judah will put aside their envy and vexation. There will be cooperation and unity in the final gathering of the Lord's people.

There will be a highway in the end of times that will allow for safe passage for all that are left to come to Zion. There are multiple scriptures that talk about this prophecy from Isaiah and …

"The Knowledge of the Lord," 2 Nephi 21:6-9

2 Nephi 21:6-9

These verses talk about carnivorous animals lying down along side animals that would in other circumstance be deemed their prey: wolves and lambs, lions and fatlings, cows and bears. This is offered as an example of the effect that the knowledge of God will have upon the inhabitants of the earth.

As a father of young children, verse 8 is of particular interest:
And the sucking child shall play on the hole of the asp, and the weaned child shall put his hand on the cockatrice’s den. I think of the particular precautions we as parents take to protect our children from dangers, sometimes to the point of excess. I can easily see the unattended child quietly escaping the supervisory care of a loving parent and finding an asp's or a snake's hole. This would naturally intrigue the small child to the point that the child would be putting itself in great danger. Yet with the change wrought by the knowledge of God, as best as I can tell, the viper's tendencies to attack w…