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"This Is the Spirit of Revelation which Is in Me," Alma 5:43-49

Alma 5:43-49

It was just yesterday morning that I found myself contemplating what was the difference between the spirits of prophecy and revelation. Now I'm very familiar with these verses for their doctrines on testimony, and fasting and praying as a source of testimony. In reviewing it this morning, Alma clearly gives a distinction between the spirit of revelation and the spirit of prophecy.

For my own part, the spirit of revelation as referenced in verse 46 could then be defined as knowledge obtained by Holy Ghost (that Holy Spirit of God). Revelation is enhanced and clarified through fasting and prayer.

Then in verse 47, Alma points to the words of their fathers, testifying to their truthfulness according to the spirit of prophecy which was in him. If there is a distinction to be found between prophecy and revelation, it would appear to be this: prophecy has to do with the truth of events past, present, and future, while revelation has more to do with the attainment of eternal tr…