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"This Is What I Have Against Thee," Alma 39:2-11

Alma 39:2-11

One impression that comes to me in prayer as I reflect on this rather hard passage of scripture is that Alma did his son no disservice by clearly stating where the offenses lay and explaining simply the challenges that his conduct had created. Neither is this a heat-of-the-moment exchange.

It appears to be random and off-topic, but in my prayers this morning I'm reminded of an exchange I had briefly with an older couple about a year ago with my family at a Subway's shop in Sedalia, Missouri. The details of that conversation are not for this setting, but it reminds me that there are no chance encounters.

Back to the passage at hand, Alma spells out the begin and the end of his son's departure from the paths of safety, expounding upon the consequences of both. This allows his son to clearly see how to make course correction.  This was important in his son's darkened state because it allowed him a path of escape into greater light.

On another morn…

"A Good Example for Thee," Alma 39:1

Alma 39:1

On family dynamics: Alma starts into his council towards his son, Corianton, by what appears to be a comparison to his older brother. This isn't a comparison though.  Rather this is guidance and a testimony of the power of "a good example".

There is a footnote here that I will delve into deeper tomorrow.


I have spent a small amount of time reviewing scripture that talk of example. I like how it is also equated with light, leadership, standard of righteousness, and pattern.  We are commanded to be an example of what we believe.

In John 13, the Savior says, "For I have given you an example, that ye should do as I have done to you." Then two verses later, He adds "If ye know these things, happy are ye if ye do them." The relationship between testimony and conversion is thus put into its proper place here.

Why are we commanded to be an example of the believers? Why should we let our light shine before men that they can glorify God?