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"The Ends of the Earth Shall See," Mosiah 15:18-31

Mosiah 15:18-31

I am having a hard time following the natural flow of the chapter, as there are certain specific things that the Holy Spirit would point out for my immediate attention. Fore example, this morning I was stuck on the footnote for the word "foundation" found in verse 19, which linked to Mosiah 4:6. This reminder of endurance to the end based on faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, is the reminder that the Holy Spirit would have me to understand this morning.

Now it is another morning, and I am brought to consider the footnote on the word "peace" found in verse 18. There are references to the books of Micah and John, reaffirming that peace will be established through Jesus Christ. Almost universally everyone understands what peace is. Yet few there are that understand that peace can only come through faith on Jesus Christ, who is the "founder of peace," through whom the redemption and salvation of the whole human family had been prepared from the fou…