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"The Lamanites... Had Compassion on Them," Mosiah 20

Mosiah 20

There is a miracle of peace recorded in this chapter, and it is brought about again through the faithfulness and diligence of Gideon, the statesman. The daughters of the Lamanites show up missing, or rather the wicked priests who were associated with Noah before his demise kidnap twenty-four of the daughters of the Lamanites while they were dancing at a wilderness retreat.

This incites the Lamanite people in anger, lead by their king, to go up against the people of Limhi. Not being in the wrong, the people of Limhi themselves fought "like dragons" (vs. 11) to defend themselves. The king of the Lamanites, though not dead, was found among their dead upon the retreat of the the Lamanite.

What Gideon does after Limhi realizes the cause of this assault from the Lamanites is both notable and peaceful, and it worked. Gideon both now recognized the fulfillment of the the prophecies of Abinadi against his people, and he also recognized the obligation that they had to fulfill t…

"Limhi Began to Establish the Kingdom," Mosiah 19 - Part 2

Mosiah 19

I've chosen to break this chapter up into two parts. The first part focused on the demise of king Noah. In this second part, I now focus on those that were left behind, having not chosen to follow Alma and the people of God, but who now are coming to terms with the effects of corrupt leadership. Given this, we read in verse 1, "the army of the king returned, having searched in vain for the people of the Lord."

Subsequently, the people begin to divide and contend amongst themselves(verses 2 & 3). In this division, we are introduced to Gideon, who, in my estimation, is one of the most interesting characters  in the Book of Mormon.

What makes Gideon so interesting?  In these verses, there is an element of compassion about this "enemy to the king" (vs. 4) that solicits a desire to know more about him. While at the same time, his actions suggest that there is some internal moral and social compass that causes him to seek out the well being of the people …