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"Consider the Cause which Ye Are Called to Consider," Mosiah 29:1-38

Mosiah 29:1-38

A unique milestone in the history of the Nephite nation is addressed in an epistle to the people from King Mosiah, for they were desirous to continue under the leadership of a king.  King Mosiah, though being the third king from King Mosiah (his grandfather, see Omni 1:12-13) to lead the people under righteousness, presents the people with an alternative form of government.

An interesting side thought is the reason for this change. The rightful heir to the throne, Aaron -- the son of Mosiah, has rejected the throne because of his desires to serve as a missionary. The decision to reject the throne was a radical decision based on righteous motives. The blessing that resulted to the benefit of the people was of greater good than anything that he could have done for the kingdom as king. Missionary work blesses both those directly and indirectly involved in it.

In verse 11, after presenting an interesting yet not entirely improbable scenario of rebellion,  Mosiah proposes that…