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"They Wandered Many Days in the Wilderness," Mosiah 7:1-5

Mosiah 7:1-5

In all reality, these verses at the beginning of this chapter would have no significance to me, if it where not for the circumstances that I find myself in at present. Ammon and the other members of his company wondered without direction for forty days (verse 4). On occasion, we receive commandments that require that we go out into the wilderness without direction. We don't know how to fulfill the commandment, but we go anyways.

This is contrary to the line of thought we should wait to keep the commandments until we have received direction from the Spirit as to how to keep the commandments. Even more common is the thought that we should wait until circumstances are better or more convenient to keep the commandments. Many times, the essential guiding influence that we need to keep the commandments doesn't come until after we have started to do so.


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