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"By the Spirit... According to the Flesh... Because of the Holy One of Israel", 1 Nephi 22: 1-5

1 Nephi 22: 1-5

When Nephi concluded reading these chapters from the prophet Isaiah to his brothers, they ask him how or in what sense are these prophecies to be understood. Whether this was an attempt to rationalize away their importance, or more simply a confession of confusion, Nephi states that these things are given by the voice of the Spirit in reference to things that will actually happen in the flesh.

Nephi goes on to explain how sooner or later the House of Israel (which they were a part of), was going to be scattered upon all the face of the earth. He even goes further to explain that this has already happened with many who did at one point belong to the House of Israel. He stops just short of saying that this is exactly what happened to them.

Then in verse 5, Nephi states that the reason for their separation and scattering is because of the Holy One of Israel. Everything that happens to the children of the Abrahamic Covenant is relative to their relationship with the Holy One of Israel, or by another name, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Nephi knew exactly where he was in relation to God's plan for all his children. He understood his part in the covenants of God. Nephi knew that what was spoken by the prophets of God would be fulfilled.