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Mercy, Atonement, and Repentance, 2 Nephi 9:19-20

2 Nephi 9:19-20

I've found two scripture in the Book of Mormon this morning that state God's omniscience and mercy in the same thought. Here in 2 Nephi 9:19 & 20, Jacob states that first God is merciful. In the next short verse he adds to his argument that God is all-knowing. In Alma 26:35, Ammon concludes similarly that God, as a being who comprehends all, is merciful to all those who will repent and believe in the name of Jesus Christ.

Back in 2 Nephi, these verses are the premise that Jacob sets up for explaining the atonement and the condition of salvation in plain terms.

There is something else that stands out in verse 20: the footnote for holiness. There's a Hebrew translation for the word holiness which means committed or consecrated. I think on the standard of righteousness that is set before us by our God, how he expects us to be like Him even a perfect being. The thought is overwhelming except for the fact that He has also provided the tools to enable us to reach this potential. Our potential is to become like God. This standard is not set up by man to be impossible to obtain, but is the standard that is prepared by a God who is full committed to this cause. There is no one who wants us to become like Him more than does He.