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"I Will Fulfill My Promises... Therefore, Cheer Up Your Hearts," 2 Nephi 10:17-25

2 Nephi 10:17-25

(I am still basking in the light of a glorious day of conference sessions. Here we are, the people of God ready to take action in a worldwide organization. There is no gathering like this anywhere on the earth. )

As I read through the final part of this chapter, I can't help but think of how optimistic and hopeful Jacob sounds as he concludes these remarks. This is a true mark of a Christian prophet.

Jacob tells how the Gentiles will be raised up as a mighty people upon the land of promise, and that they will afflict their seed. Ultimately, however, they shall be the means of bringing the Gospel to their posterity. The outcome is optimistic. (see vs. 17-18)

Jacob tells about how they have been taken out of Jerusalem and the land of their inheretance. However, the Lord's will was done in this thing and as a result they had received an even greater land of promise. Additionally, Jacob references scriptural promises made to those that are found upon the isles of the sea, of which he includes his people. The outlook is optimistic. (see vs. 19-22)

Finally, Jacob summerizes the Plan of Salvation. This knowledge assures him that we have great reason to be happy. Man is free to choose for himself to follow the path of eternal life. God has blessed us to know that he will redeem us through the power of the ressurrection and the atonement of Christ if we will accept it in our lives (see vs. 23-25). This understanding is what leads Jacob to optimistically declare, "Cheer up your hearts,"(vs. 23).