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To "Draw Iniquity with Cords of Vanity," 2 Nephi 15:18-19

2 Nephi 15:18-19

Vs 18- " Wo unto them that draw iniquity with cords of vanity, and sin as it were with a cart rope;" The word "draw" in these verses means to pull. This is a visual image of an abstract concept. The image is of someone pulling on a cord to drag behind them some large burden. It is interesting that it is called "vanity". One might ask himself, why would someone knowingly be so attached to their iniquities as to drag them behind them; it is because of their vanity. Vanity, in other terms, maybe known as pride or vain ambition. Vanity is the result of placing our hopes and dreams in our own wishes and not in valuing or accepting the will of the Lord.

In different, yet similar terms, the same idea is expressed again in the second half of the verse. In Spanish, it this part of the verse that offers a footnote on this passage suggesting that sin is compared to the bond between the beast and its cart. The visual in my head is of an ox, slowly plodding along, strapped to some old, inefficient wooden cart.

Vs. 19 - "That say: Let him make speed, hasten his work, that we may see it; and let the counsel of the Holy One of Israel draw nigh and come, that we may know it." This verse illustrates the effect of the vanity that causes the proud to drag their burdens of sin, in all their many forms. This first statement suggests utter disregard for the works of God. They are the vain expressions of sign seekers - "that we may see it."

The second statement shows even greater contempt for Son of God himself. If they had repented of their sins, the liberation from their sins --their "cords of vanity" --could have been witness enough of the Lord Jesus Christ and his doctrine. The last footnote for this verse as found in Isaiah reads, "They will not believe in the Messiah until they see him."

It is an interesting assumption that the wicked make-- that they can only see God if he chooses to reveal himself to them. Quite to the contrary, the righteous see God and walk with Him on a frequent, regular basis. They know the Lord Jesus Christ lives and that His works are being accomplished just as much today as when He was present in mortality.