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"They Shall Roar Like... Lions," 2 Nephi 15:28-29

2 Nephi 15:28-29

These verses appear to be Isaiah's best attempt at describing what he sees and hears in our day and time. I wonder if what he sees has already transpired or if he was seeing even yet further into the future beyond the present. "arrows... sharp," "bows bents," "horses' hooves... like flint," "wheels like a whirlwind." He has to use things that he understands and to describe it those around him.

The roaring of lions mentioned several times in these verses has to be in reference to modern aircraft. If you've ever spent anytime near an airport and listened to the sounds of the planes coming and going, it is easy to see why Isaiah would say this is as the roaring of lions. The footnotes on the verses in Isaiah seem to almost suggests a symbolic parallel between this roaring of transportation and the Gathering of Israel in the last days.

In looking for a personal application is it curious to observe how all things served to advance the work of the Lord, whether to the condemnation of the wicked or the exaltation of the righteous, the Lord's hand is behind even the times in which we live.


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