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"How Long?" 2 Nephi 16:11-13

2 Nephi 16:11-13

The footnote in the Isaiah equivalent of verse 11 is on the question: How long? It explains that Isaiah is inquiring of the Lord how long will man be this way. To which the Lord answers as long as they exist shall they so be.

Before reading this footnote, I took the question to be an inquiry as to how long he should expect to serve in his capacity. In this case, the Lord's answer is as long as man exists, there shall be a need of service.

At the very end of this chapter is a prophecy of the gathering of Israel. Only a tenth part shall return. The result of their scattering is because of their disregard for the things of the Lord. That ancient covenant which resides deep within their being (probably unbeknown to them) is what will bring them home.