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"Because My Words Shall Hiss Forth," 2 Nephi 29

2 Nephi 29

This is a particularly curious chapter that was given directly as a revelation of the Lord to Nephi in very strong an clear terms. It deals with the general rejection of the Book of Mormon as scripture in our time. Upon understanding the scope of the Lord's work, that it has extended and will continue unto all nations of the earth, the argument for additional scriptures becomes much more plausible. A broader view, and the possibility that Christianity was preached elsewhere besides Judea in antiquity, lead to the natural conclusion that there must have been records kept elsewhere.

Verses 12 and 13 are of particularly curious note in that they state that there are yet other records which have been kept by nations other than the Jews and the Nephites that we have not yet received, but will at some future date and time.


  1. One of the first signs of apostasy in every age, is the urge to put a muzzle upon the mouth of God.

    The Samaritans claim only the Torah can be scripture; the Jews, only the Tanakh, "mainstream" Christianity a mere 66 books (unless you count the Apocrypha as Roman Catholics do, or the various pseudopigraphical works of various past and present Eastern Christian sects -- which of course begs the question, whose Bible is the right Bible).

    How dare any human claim that the Great Creator, the most magnificent mind in the Universe, Endless and Eternal, has ceased to speak, ceased to inspire, ceased to add to His divine utterances!


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