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"None Save It Be Them That Repent," 2 Nephi 30

2 Nephi 30

Obedience and sin: these are the two principles upon which all men are measured equally. No amount of worldly wealth, no inheritance, no privileged station or social class can exclude us from the effects of sin or obedience.

If a wealthy man sins, is it the same as if a poor man sins? This is not for me to decide. If a poor man is obedient, does he receive any greater reward than if a rich man is obedient? I can not say. These things are for God to decide, but the scriptures are clear that repentance and obedience, regardless of who you are in the eyes of the world, are the only way back into God's presence. Perhaps for some, poverty is their appointed and perfect test. Then for others, perhaps it is prosperity that will be the greatest proving ground for their souls.

This chapter accomplishes two end for me this morning: 1) a reminder of the equality of Christ's doctrine (all that repent and believe in Christ shall be numbered among his people, and 2) all the righteous shall be saved. The end is glorious.

As I read more into this chapter, Nephi talks about the restoration of his family's seed. He says that not many generations shall pass away before they shall become a delightsome people (vs. 6). It has been less than a hundred years, and in many parts of Central and South America, less than 50 years since the gospel of Jesus Christ was first preached among them. Now the descendants of Lehi have surged into the millions among those that believe.