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"We Search the Prophets," Jacob 4:1-6

Jacob 4:1-6

I am reminded as I read through Jacob's account of their spiritual powers and blessings that they enjoyed in during his ministry though their access to the holy scriptures was severely limited because of their circumstances-- much more so than what we enjoy today. The reality of an over-abundance of access to spiritual light in our lives today really makes it seem strange that faith is yet still so hard to come by.

Perhaps this is brought to my mind as a result of viewing a recent documentary that discussed the miracle of the modern day scriptures and how so many people have access to the Bible and all scripture, which in the history of the world has never been any other civilization's privilege to enjoy. So it makes it even more impressive that given his people's limited access to holy writ, Jacob says in verse 6 that they searched the prophets and did themselves enjoy many revelations and the spirit of prophecy. Their witness of Christ that they had obtained through these means gave them great hope and unshaken faith, even to the point that they could command the elements in His name and the elements did obey them.

The natural question that I have to wonder about is: if we have such a greater abundance and access to the scriptures in our days, are we enjoying even greater blessings than these? Or why are we not excelling on all counts to produce greater miracles than these? Perhaps we are. At no other point in the history of the world has the church grown and continued to grow as it does today. That is a miracle. We are a temple building people. That is a miracle. Perhaps when all the records that are being kept of our day are made know, we will learn of trees, mountains, and waves also obeying the faithful disciples of Jesus.