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"A Desire for the Welfare of My Brethern," Enos 1:9-21

Enos 1:9-21

Enos's subsequent comment in verse 9 is evidence of his repentance being complete. Afterward, he felt a desire toward his brethren to receive of the same blessing. Christ taught Peter, "And when thou art converted, strengthen thy brethren." (Luke 22:32) What strikes me as interesting is that I never had considered that "natural" fruit of repentance and conversion to be a desire to share it with others. This must have been then what Elder Ballard meant back in 2006 when he said:
Our love for the Lord and appreciation for the Restoration of the gospel are all the motivation we need to share what gives us much joy and happiness. It is the most natural thing in the world for us to do, and yet far too many of us are hesitant to share our testimonies with others. ("Creating a Gospel Sharing Home," Elder M. Russell Ballard, General Conference, April 2006, emphasis added)

Enos had learned the power and effectiveness of prayer in being able to work things out with God. In the same manner in which he obtained a remission of his sins, he "struggled in the spirit" to obtain promises for his brethren. (see verses 10 - 12)

In verse 11, Enos states that after receiving an answer to one such prayer, his faith "began to be unshaken in the Lord." Then in verse 12, he's received another answer to a prayer that he had laboring in all diligence to make happen, and the Lord explains,  "I will grant unto thee according to thy desires, because of thy faith," (emphasis added). Enos's faith was proven by the diligent work that he had performed. And because the Lord saw that he would work diligently for his desires, the Lord opened the way for his prayers to be fulfilled.

This time however, the prayer and its answer were not for things immediate. Because he had already prayed and worked to try and bring salvation to the Lamanites, he saw that it was vain at the present time to try to pursue the course. But because he had tried, the Lord rewarded his efforts with a covenant that the record that he was keeping would be preserved for the benefit and blessing of the future generations of the Lamanites. (see verses 13-18)


  1. Verse 18 is a good example of the principle taught in D&C 46:30. When you are praying with the Spirit, it is given you what to pray for. Enos was praying for the right things, and received the Lord's approval.

    See also Helaman 10:5 and Romans 8:26


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