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"Stand as a Testimony," Mosiah 17:5-20

Mosiah 17:5-20
See also Jeremiah 26 (vs. 11) 

These verses have helped me to recall the mission of prophets in the plan of God. The chapter from Jeremiah is particularly useful in this regard. In the March 2012 Ensign, the First Presidency message also focuses on the topic of prophets.

To fully appreciate what is given to us in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, one must comprehend what the purpose and mission of a prophet is. Here is an individual who has found the way back to God, whom God then in turn uses to direct and point others in the direction that they should go.The reason for prophets is because God is a loving Heavenly Father, who has provided as many ways as he could to show us how to return home to Him without destroying this perfect test of faith. Prophets are yet another evidence of a loving, caring Heavenly Father.

Abinadi knew that he needed to what he had spoken was true and that he could not deny his words. He knew that even with the fate of death upon him, he could not reject his own testimony. Something within him was riveted to his eternal soul that allowed him to understand that truth is more important than mortal life and that a request to deny truth is more deadly to the soul than the preservation of one's reputation in the midst of the wicked.

An interesting side note about anger in this chapter. Abinadi's preaching and pure testimony does seem to have an effect upon king Noah. However, that are two things which proved to seal the king's demise: 1) his choice of friends and 2) his choice to be angry.  When the King was about to release Abinadi, because he feared the judgments of God would come upon him, the other priests, his selected, wicked friends provoked him to feel anger. No decision that we ever make when we are angry is correct, but will always destroy, degrade, and leave its user with a hole in our spiritual garments.