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"The Spirit of the Lord Was Upon Him," Mosiah 18:13-17

 Mosiah 18:13-17

Reading these verses have brought to my mind the memory of a particular baptism from my mission. This experience is noteworthy because of the great sacrifices that were made to see it brought about, but the results were unequivocally positive.

When the work of the Lord is done the right way, the Spirit of the Lord accompanies it. This account at the waters of Mormon was done the right way. Thus is the account found in the scriptures. And what is the right way to do the work of the Lord? It is to do so with gentleness, kindness, meekness, and love unfeigned, when we entreat others softly with tones of sweet persuasion. It is to sacrifice greatly, and yet to be so endowed with spiritual power that the sacrifice seems hardly noteworthy of the blessings obtained.