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"The Language of Nephi Began to Be Taught," Mosiah 24:1-7

Mosiah 24:1-7

This is to me a very interesting group of verses. We have here the account of Amulon and the other former priests of King Noah and their subsequent rise in power among the Lamanite people. What is interesting about this situation is not the quest for power among these wicked men, but rather how it is that the Lord was able to use them as instruments of preparation without them knowing it. In saying this, what we might be tempted to conclude is that there needed to be this wickedness in order for righteousness to move forward. I would have to say that is not so. In no way, shape, or form was the salvation of God obtained by these wicked priest through their wickedness. Nor, interestingly enough, was it obtained for their children or their children's children.(Alma 24:14)

However, what does come to mind here is that scripture that states: "Remember, remember that it is not the work of God that is frustrated, but the work of men;" (Doctrine and Covenants 3:3) Without them knowing (and much to their own condemnation for not knowing), these priests were preparing the Lamanite people to be able to understand the word of God when it would eventually be preached to them by Ammon the missionary and his brethern some 20 years later.

The ability to communicate, to read and write, is fundamental to receiving the Gospel. It is in fact perhaps the very reason why we are  given that ability and why every technological advance in communication has been given us (many times without us knowing it), so that eventually the Word of God can be communicated to every individual the world over.

In the equity of God's plan, every individual must be given an opportunity to decide for themselves whether or not they believe the word of God.