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"They Poured Out Their Thanks to God," Mosiah 24:16-25

Mosiah 24:16-25

After a period of oppression under the rule of Amulon, the people of Alma hear the voice of the Lord say to them: "Be of good comfort, for on the morrow I will deliver you out of bondage." (vs.16) Subsequently, they work through the night to prepare for a morning departure. In the morning, their oppressors are asleep. Without conflict, the people of Alma are delivered from bondage. 

After having traveled a substantial distance, they arrive at a certain valley where the people of Alma pause to give thanks. Every member of their company, both adult and child -- anyone that could speak -- raised up their voices in praise of their God. They knew that God had delivered them.


  1. I love how the people in bondage had faith to pray in their heart, and had faith that they would escape. I also love how their burdens were lightened (kinda like steroids) and they were able to bear them a lot easier. Here is a Book of Mormon site by the way.

  2. Thanks Ben! Yeah, faith in the Lord Jesus Christ would be the correct way, or the way that God intended for us to deal with our challenges and to make our burdens lighter. Nice link. I should probably add that to my side bar.


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