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"Desirous," Mosiah 28:1-9

Mosiah 28:1-9

These verses cause me to consider in greater earnest "the virtue of the word of God." (see Alma 31:5)

The sons of Mosiah set a precedence in the history of missionary work upon their successful completion of their ministry among the Nephites. It strikes me that as these missionaries had observed the power of the word of God amongst the Nephites, there was born within the sons of Mosiah a desire to extend its influence to the Lamanite people also. But perhaps there's a slightly different reason for their motivation.

No one had ever taken the word of God this far before with the hope to convert an enemy nation to the ways of God.This zealous pioneering spirit was born of out of the desire "that salvation should be declared unto every create." (verse 3) I find in the sons of Mosiah's desire the manifestation of the Spirit of Christ, or in other words, that pure love which motivates one to do good.

Consequently, the sons of Mosiah sought their father's permission and blessing to take their labors to the Lamanites. After "many days" of pleading, King Mosiah took the issue before the Lord in prayer. I am positive that it was not lost upon the king the seriousness of the request, or great peril that awaited his sons in entering enemy territory. He was after all king of the Nephite nation and had probably set in place checks and securities of some sort or fashion to protect his people from the Lamanites.

When the answer came from the Lord, it was succinct and hopeful. "Let them go up, for many shall believe on their words, and they shall have eternal life;" and then knowing that there was an inherent paternal concern (and quite possibly also, even greater maternal reservations) the Lord then promises, "and I will deliver thy sons out of the hands of the Lamanites." (verse 7)