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"When Alma Had Said These Words," Alma 2

Alma 2

Just a few thoughts on what appears to be accounts of civil process and war. I am first reminded that nothing is included in the Book of Mormon unless there are spiritual ramifications attached to it. On a different note, it is interesting to me that there was an exact count (vs. 19), at the first encounter on the battle field, of exactly how many souls had perished, suggesting that every life lost was known to God. The final thought, and this is almost harder to pull out because of the circumstances (they were in the middle of a war), is that when we are on the Lord's side, we are entitled to the enabling and strengthening power that comes from God to do the impossible. (vs. 27-33)


  1. I love the "war chapters"---not because I like to read about war, but because there are so many great parallels to our spiritual safety and how we can resist temptation and defeat Satan's forces.


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