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"As Though They Had Been the Cause," Alma 22:19-26

Alma 22:19-26

In these verses, it seems to be that that which is not written which offers the greater insights. This morning, I am asking myself: where is God in these verses? What about these particularly verses points me closer to Christ?

In verses 19 and 20, there is no mention or reference to God or Christ. But as I went back and re-read those verses, it appears to be what was not said that revealed Their influence. So the queen learns of the state of her husband, and discovers Aaron and his brother standing near by. The verse says, "as though they had been the cause of his fall."  The wording says so much without saying anything at all. Or in other words, Aaron and his brothers were NOT THE CAUSE of the king's fall. This is where God is hidden in the details of this verse. The power of God, or His influence upon the king (which was through the teachings and ministering of Aaron and his brethren) was the cause of the fall.

The next verse also says that the servants "had seen the cause of the king's fall." Again, no direct reference to Diety in this verse, but I am prone to see Christ as "the cause" of the king's fall. The power of God was with Aaron and his brethren. Whether the servants recognized God as that cause, they saw the power of God working through Aaron and his fellows, and it terrified the servants of the king.


What follows in the next six verses is very much a Pentecostal experience not unlike that which was recorded in the Book of Acts. As the queen realizes that this is no ordinary situation, she begins to be "exceedingly" fearful. (see vs. 21)  When Aaron sees the determination of the queen to destroy Aaron and his companions, he raises the king from his unconscious state. The king immediately begins to minister to the people. Now unfortunately, we do not have recorded what he said, or how he said it, but the impact of his ministering had the effect of converting his entire household unto the Lord. (see vs. 23)

In the same group of verses, there soon thereafter came a large company of Lamanite subjects, gathered to the house of the king. The king is able to pacify the multitude, and then place Aaron and his brethren in their midst!  There they were able to preach the word of God. Where only moments before, these same people were suspicious of these Nephite missionaries, suddenly they were now listening. 

No further details are offered than this, but from it, I am reminded that spiritual manifestations are how the Lord's work is done. Prayers and faith are always required. We cannot work without the Lord's unseen influence to accompany us, and we cannot automatically expect that this will always happen.