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"Give Heed to the Word of God", 1 Nephi 15:20-25

1 Nephi 15:20-25

In verse 20, Nephi says that he rehearsed the words of Isaiah to his brothers. He used Isaiah (scripture) to reinforce what he had already explained to them. This was wise because it validated his words and his father's words.

What followed, after Nephi's brothers clearly saw that Nephi understood the things that their father had said, is a question and answer session. In the midst of this, Nephi yet takes opportunity to teach his brothers.

Verses 24 and 25 are extremely important. Nephi is using several absolutes in these verses. Those who hearken to the word of God will never perish.

In explaining the importance of the word of God, Nephi exhorts them with all the energy of his soul to give heed to the word of God and keep the commandments of God in all things. This complete effort, extending himself as far as he possibly could go is what compels me. What Nephi is saying is important and how he is saying it is important.