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"We Did Not Perish", 1 Nephi 16:33-39

1 Nephi 16:33-39

After another significant period of travel, the party of Lehi rested for a season. The Lord knows what we need and when it is best for us to have that which we need. They needed to travel to meet their objective of reaching the promised land. They also needed a season to rest from their travels.

While they rested, Ishmael passed away at the place called Nahom. This time, it is the sons and daughters of Ishmael that murmur because of the loss of their father. Yet even so, the time of the Lord is manifested herein.

Two important thoughts that impress me as I read these verses:
  • The influence of spouse upon our own perceptions and motivations- I wonder how Nephi's wife responded to the passing of her father. Perhaps, it is what Nephi does to comfort her, which we have no record of, that calmed her at this time of mourning. Along those same lines, Laman, instead of acting in a way that would extend comfort and peace during a time of loss, reacts to the situation.
  • The intervention of the Lord to abate the complaints of Laman- When there was no one else to intervene on behalf of his chosen vessels, the Lord Himself spoke to Laman to chasten him for his wickedness.