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Perserverance and Divine Assistance, 1 Nephi 16:12-17

1 Nephi 16:12-17

This unassuming group of verses offers instructions on how to accomplish otherwise insurmountable tasks. To contemplate what was accomplished with Nephi and his family traveling to the promised land forces one to literally conclude that this was in fact a miracle. Without the Lord's divine assistance, this could not have been accomplished.

But more specifically, they traveled from day to day, taking occasion to rest and renew their strength as they continued onward towards their objective. Because of the attention they gave to the Liahona, they were directed through the more fertile areas of the wilderness. This simple observation does not require a lot of words to describe, but covers a vast amount of time. In their minds, at least in Nephi's, this constant and continual divine guidance must have solidified the notion that the Lord is always with His people.