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"Cause To Inherit The Desolate Heritages", 1 Nephi 21:5-14

1 Nephi 21:5-14

The truths expressed in this group of verses illustrates that the purposes of God are more profound and all encompassing than what we are able to see. The consequences of such prohibit us from seeing the full picture immediately.

The initial conversation here revolves around the Savior's role as such to the house of Jacob. Verse 6 says that it is a "light" thing that He should raise up the tribes of Jacob. The verse then goes on to explain how the salvation of our Lord will reach to the ends of the earth. Or in other words, the salvation of house of Israel pales in comparison to the full scope of the mission of our Lord -- to save all of mankind!

Following this, the Lord explains his reasoning for the approach he takes. While it appears that the Lord is simply delaying the fulfillment of a promise, these verses help to illustrate the patience, long-suffering, and faithfulness of our Lord. These important principles could not be understood had the covenants to redeem Israel been fulfilled immediately.

This reminds me of an important truth President Boyd K. Packer once expressed in regards to the workings of the Spirit. I've tried to locate it this morning. The idea is that after we teach, we need to allow the Spirit time to take that teaching into the hearts of the people, to experience the truths we've taught, to learn it for themselves.

This is why to man it appears that the Lord has delayed the complete fulfillment of the covenants. Gently, quietly, patiently, He leads his children by the springs of water. Individually, He brings us back to Him.


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