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"How Merciful The Lord Hath Been," 2 Nephi 1:1-6

2 Nephi 1:1-6

Lehi's perspective on the family's circumstances is vastly different from that of Nephi's brothers. Where Laman and Lemuel possibly still held begrudgingly in memory the years now distant of their lives in Jerusalem, Lehi considers their present situation. Laman and Lemuel's perceived recollections of what they had had and what they had lost at Jerusalem impaired them from seeing their present situation.

Perspective in a person's mind is reality. Laman and Lemuel were miserable because of their skewed perspective. Lehi, on the contrary, has a drastically different perspective of the same situation.

Later, Lehi prophesies that none shall be brought to the land that they had inherited except the Lord should bring them.