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"Hearken Unto the Voice of Nephi," 2 Nephi 1:24-32

2 Nephi 1:24-32

In these verses at the end of the chapter, I get a sense of the finality of Lehi's words. He puts into proper perspective the relationship between Nephi and his brothers.

To have been Nephi in this situation was one of those rare and humbling moments of affirmation, that only a true disciples of Christ would be permitted to experience. After Lehi sets straight Nephi's position, he gives (what is much more than an endorsement) instruction that if they listen and obey the councils of Nephi then they would be blessed in their new land of promise.

What Lehi had witnessed in Nephi is the resting of the prophetic mantel upon Nephi. Lehi had the absolute assurance that Nephi was prepared to take on the full leadership responsibilities of his family. The Lord had blessed Nephi, and Lehi promised his other children that they too would be blessed if they followed Nephi.