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"Born... in the Days of My Greatest Sorrow," 2 Nephi 3:1-3

2 Nephi 3:1-3

(Perhaps this should be a post on my wife's blog about child birth from a father's perspective.)
These three verses paint a very strong argument for our prerogative to bare children. Here is a father's reflection on the circumstances surrounding the birth of his youngest son. Lehi describes the place where Joseph was born as "the wilderness of mine afflictions" and the time as "the days of my greatest sorrow".

Yes, to me this is curious that Lehi and Sariah felt the need to bare children on the road to the new world. From a worldly perspective, the timing couldn't have been worse.

But that timing some twenty or thirty years later, now seemed to father Lehi to be the substance of profound blessings and promises from the Lord. Lehi talks of the land being consecrated for Joseph and his posterity. Lehi also promises his youngest son that his posterity would not be utterly destroyed.

This was a blessing for Joseph, but was probably even more profoundly significant for Lehi. Having given up all to follow the Lord's commands, the promises of a posterity being able to enjoy the blessings that he had sacrificed so much for, may never have been realized if the timing of Joseph's birth was anything other than when and where it was -- at their lowest point and most inconvenient place along their journey to the Americas.


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  2. Thanks for the comments, Clifford. I apologize for the delay in turning them live... not very good for generating discussion, I know.



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