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"A Seer Will I Raise Up," 2 Nephi 3:6-11

2 Nephi 3:6-11

In this discussion on how the seed of Joseph of Egypt would be preserved, Lehi quotes from records that they had (probably on the Brass Plates, their equivalent to the Old Testament) prophecies from Joseph of Egypt about a seer (or a prophet) who would preform a work of great value to his descendants.

In this grouping of verses, it goes on to explain the significance of this particular work: the recipients of the work would come to know of covenants that the Lord had made with their forefathers. Joseph said that this seer would be great like unto Moses. His work would be different from that of Moses, specifically his task would be to bring forth and establish the word of God, both in revealing new records and in clarifying existing records. Again, Joseph reiterated that this work would be of great value to his posterity.

The significance in Joseph's mind of being able to see this seer in modern times is that it gave him the reassurance of the fulfillment of a promise that would be extended by the hand of the Lord to his future posterity.