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"The Lord Did Warn Me," 2 Nephi 5:3-7

2 Nephi 5:3-7

Laman and Lemuel truly had murderous intentions, so fixed was their determination to rid themselves of Nephi and his admonitions to righteousness. The seriousness of their intentions were revealed to Nephi as a warning from the Lord.

Following the topical guide for further references of Divine warning, the preface to the Word of Wisdom stands out as a warning for our times (see D&C 89:4). There is also this passage of scriptures in Doctrine and Covenants 63 that warns us to not take lightly the things of God (see verses 58-66).

Warnings come from God, so that if we follow their instructions we are the benefactors of "a more exceeding and eternal weight of glory, otherwise, a greater condemnation," (D&C 63:66).