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"The Words of Isaiah," 2 Nephi 6:1-7

2 Nephi 6:1-7

Near the beginning of what is the longest grouping of verses quoted from Isaiah in the Book of Mormom, we get just a brief taste of what is in to come.

Jacob, the brother of Nephi, takes a few moments at the head of this chapter to define his authority in terms of his responsibilities and obligations to those that he teaches. It is interesting to note the repetitive nature of his message, which he acknowledges to those that he is addressing (see vs 3). This is one pattern of leadership that I see to be similar in the modern church.

Another such pattern is that he is on assignment from his brother, their prophet leader, to address a specific set of scripture taken from Isaiah. This too is common at all levels in the Church today, to receive instruction from their priesthood leaders to act accordingly. What impresses me about Jacob's approach, however, is how engrossed he was in the topic at hand. It seems that he only offers the remark that Nephi had requested this topic of him as a side note.

In the two verses of Isaiah that Jacob quotes, he references a prophecy that illustrates the church being set up among the Gentiles in the last days as a way for God to reach out to the members of the House of Israel and bring them back in. He describes those gentiles that will reach out to the House of Israel as righteous kings and queens. Indeed, we are witness of this work continuing to grow today in much the way Isaiah had seen it.