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"For He That Fighteth Against Zion Shall Perish," 2 Nephi 10:7-16

2 Nephi 10:7-16

There is a trigger in these verses that has been put in place by way of covenant, or promise, to the children of men. In verse 7, we learn that when the house of Israel is brought to believe in Jesus as the Christ, then will He fulfill the promises which He had made to their fathers.

These divine promises are of such strength that in order for the Lord to bring them about, He must destroy the work of the wicked, or those that fight against Zion. In other words, as the righteous (like young plants) begin to grow, the Lord will go about clearing the way for their growth, so that they are not overpowered by the wicked. "...That my covenants may be fulfilled... I must needs destroy the secret works of darkness, and of murder, and of abominations," (vs. 15).

There are specific promises that are made to the believing among the Gentiles. The Lord has promised to bless them upon the promised land forever, so that they would never be subjected to kings. The Lord has set up this land for all of those who will have Christ to be their king. "I will be a light unto them forever, that hear my word," (vs. 14).


  1. Brent - Thought you might be interested in Orson Pratt's comments about the Redemption of Zion within the context of your post.


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