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"Man Shall Be Humbled," 2 Nephi 15:15

2 Nephi 15:15

We begin with this statement, "And the mean man shall be brought down..." The footnote on "brought" references similar passages from earlier in Isaiah where he says, "And the loftiness of man shall be bowed down, and the haughtiness of men shall be made low: and the Lord alone shall be exalted in that day, " (Isaiah 2:17). In Spanish, the word "mean" is translated to mean "vile". This has the feel to me of a man who through lies and deceit has built up his pretended kingdom around him. His tactics are by force. All this shall crumble and be made to lie low in the dust.

"And the mighty man shall be humbled," These next two statements both end with "shall be humbled." I call on the true definition of "humble" or "humility". It is to acknowledge the hand of God in our work. For the wicked to be humbled, those who have up to that point not acknowledged God, and had thought to become a light unto themselves as they supposed, represents a complete destruction of all that is around them.

"And the eyes of the lofty shall be humbled." With eyes previously fixed elsewhere on their own pomp and glory, they are finally brought to consider their own relationship with God.


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