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"With Righteousness Shall He Judge," 2 Nephi 21:4-5

 2 Nephi 21:4-5

In this context, I find it difficult to quantify righteousness. If I were asked to explain righteousness, I can only point to God and say: He is righteousness. There is no set prescription of tasks that can fully embody the righteousness of God. So it does become something of a dilemma to be able to fully comprehend what it means to be righteous as Christ and God the Father are righteous beings.

Yet the dilemma is worth investigation, inasmuch as we are commanded to become like Them.

The first set of footnotes in verse 4 on the term righteousness points to God Himself as the definition of righteousness. Whatever God does is righteousness. The remainder of this verse describes what Christ does with His righteousness. It is the source of power which enables Christ to judge, reprove, punish, and destroy. And to what end? Christ executes righteousness to clear a path for the meek and poor of His people.

I see in these verses how Christ is able to prepare the way for those of His people who are ready to follow Him.