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"The Pleasing Bar of God," Jacob 6:13

Jacob 6:13

Jacob at the end of his record makes an interesting statement in reference to the final judgment. Moroni at the end of his record makes a similar statement. (see Moroni 10:34) To the reader they bid farewell until the next time that we shall meet them-- in the final judgment.

There is something that strikes me as helpful in defining the wicked from the righteous in the verse in Jacob. The righteous look forward to the day of judgment, while for the wicked, it is a day of awful dread and fear. So it is the feelings that we have inside of ourselves towards the day of judgment, and appearing before our Maker, that define if we are among the righteous or the wicked. It is no group of people, it is not predicated upon a rote list of ritualistic acts. Judgment is individual.


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