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"When Ye Are in the Service of Your Fellow Beings," Mosiah 2:17

Mosiah 2:17

Just typing the title phrase this morning has brought a great deal of peace to a presently weary mind. King Benjamin in this part of his discourse to his people is sharing a profoundly unique perspective, which was the source of peace to him as king, and most likely the source of peace for his nation.

Since a week ago Sunday, I've been much impressed by the Savior's injunction to "take [his] yoke upon [me], and learn of [him]," (Matt 11:29).  In the class where this was presented to me, the general discussion hovered around how Christ could make our burdens light. However, we then began to discuss the symbolism of the yoke. A yoke is what an ox uses to carry its load. We, like the oxen, have loads that we carry.

What impressed me about Christ's invitation, is not that he is inviting us to let him carry our load. No not at all! The paradox of the invitation is that to the burdened and the weary he says in effect "Come and labor in my vineyard." Christ wants me to come and do his work, carry his burden, and in return, He promises me peace to my soul, which peace surpasses all understanding (see Philippians 4:7).


  1. Nice connection between Mos 2:17 and Matt 11:29. The Lord's definition of 'rest' is apparently still 'work' but in an area where the result is that our souls find rest or peace, as opposed to labouring in the world or in sin. And the Lord's labour is to serve each other.
    I know I probably just reiterated your statement, but I guess it's a light-bulb moment. Thanks for the blog, still enjoying it. :)


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