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"With Power and Authority from God," Mosiah 13:1-10

Mosiah 13:1-10

King Noah commands at the start of this chapter that Abinadi be taken, bound, and put away. The king discounted the prophet as a mad man, stating that he had no more business with this "fellow." Perhaps, but really what seems to be going on here is that Noah is being reminded of things that he already knows to be wrong.

What is most fascinating about these verses is the power of the priesthood authority that is manifested as Abinadi uses it to deliver the message which he was sent to give. Guards attempt to lay hands upon him to take him away. He withstands them with words, the words of God, and it is so profoundly received that they who should have taken him away will not touch him. Later, his countenance begins to shine "with exceeding luster, even as Moses’ did while in the mount of Sinai, while speaking with the Lord."

Once Abinadi comes to realize that he has a captive audience, or that they cannot prevail against him at that time, Abinadi helps them to realize the effect that his message has had upon them.

Yea, and I perceive that it cuts you to your hearts because I tell you the truth concerning your iniquities.
Yea, and my words fill you with wonder and amazement, and with anger.
As powerful and charged as all this exchange is between Abinadi and King Noah's court, verse nine defies it all in significance.  Adinadi testifies that once he is done delivering his message that "then it matters not whither I go, if it so be that I am saved." This statement expresses both a knowledge of the world beyond this one, and the reality of the interconnected nature of the work on both sides of the veil. The effect it has on even the most hardened heart is memorable.


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