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"They Did Walk Uprightly Before God," Mosiah 18:23-29

Mosiah 18:23-29

These verses continue with the commandments that Alma gave to the priests with whom he organized the church after their baptism. (I find in these commandments keys to their prosperity and access to the blessings of the Lord.)

Alma commanded them to observe the Sabbath day and to keep it holy. That is a good distinction and this is good doctrine. It is a simple way in which we are reminded every week that we are not our own. Coupled with this commandment is also a reminder that every day we should give thanks to the Lord their God.

Then the priest are commanded to "labor with their own hands for their support," (vs 24).  There are other verses throughout the Book of Mormon that support this doctrine. Alma the Younger defends this point before several anti-Christ characters later on. (see Alma 1:3, 26; 30:32) But this point that the priests are to provide for their own needs is an unique and compelling doctrine. To separate any financial considerations from the duty to preach the word of God is a point of doctrinal empowerment.What is your motivation to preach the word of God if there is no financial compensation for so doing?

The last three verses of this grouping outline their approach to community welfare. Those that have possessions in abundance should give of that which they have. Those who had but little, should give only a little. Those who were found lacking, should be recipients of the generosity of others. This order of welfare is the reality of the way things are and the way things ought to be. It almost gives poverty a purpose, if that makes any sense. If all were rich, or if all were well to do, then there would be no need to learn the lessons of giving to others, nor would the poor learn the humility required to receive such blessings.