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"The Lord in Much Mercy Hath Granted," Alma 7:1-2

Alma 7:1-2

Verses 1 and 2 seem like something of a formality only if we choose to see them that way. However, recent prayers and events in my own life have caused me to consider the significance of a few key points.

Alma starts his remarks by stating that he had been permitted to come to them by rearranging the affairs of the government and freeing up his time and responsibilities so that he could attended to such. He points out that this is the first time that he had been permitted to travel to meet this particular group of saints in person. Thus Alma concludes that "the Lord in much mercy hath granted that I should come unto you." (verse 2) This seems noteworthy that Alma did not take for granted the restructuring of the government of the land as something that he accomplished in and of himself.

There are two different reminders that I take away from this introduction:
  •  First, on a personal level, I do well to remember the great blessings that have been extended to me in recent years that have permitted me to have more time to do the Lord's work. 
  • Secondly, on a more general level, I should not take for granted how easily accessible communications from prophets have become. I wonder if this is not one of the greatest miracles of our day: that in the comfort of our own homes and local church houses we can enjoy transmissions where we get to hear prophet's words in the very moment in which they are spoken. And then when we are blessed to have a visiting leader or general authority among us, because of advances in transportation and travel, is this too not a blessing of modern mercy?