06 July 1999

"Because of This Secret Combination," Ether 8

Ether 8

Shule (king) begat
Omer (king), who begat
Jared, rebelled against dad and went to the land Heth with 1/2 of the people.
  • Jared fought Omer and took him captive.
    • Omer in captivity begat Esrom and Coriantum.
 Esrom & Coriantumr fought Jared, their brother and regained the kingdom.

Vs. 9) The Jaredies had a scriptural account, record of everything from the beginning of the creation. This record also talks of secret plans and combinations. (BT- I understand now why the later prophets kept these things secret.)

  • Jared was sorrowful because of the loss of the kingdom, it was not godly sorrow. 
    • The daughter of Jared. 
Vs. 10) What did she want to be loved, she cared for her father, though corrupt, she dug up those secret combinations.
Vs. 13-15) Secret combinations were administered which came from Cain & the old serpent. There's a line: there nothing new about doing bad. Only the devil would have us believe there is. 

Vs. 23) This is why the book of Ether is in here. It is the account of the beginnnings of secret combinations, which oppose the word of God, and his mighty work! Moroni is talking to me directly, so that these things might not get above me.

The purpose of secret combination is murdering to get power and gain. It seems hard for me to imagine people doing such things, but perhaps they're now called contracts.

Vs. 25) Sin and the devil are just as closely as good and the Lord.

05 July 1999

"Brought unto Repentance," Ether 7

Ether 7

Vs. 5 - Captivity came quickly among the people. Within two generations, it happened. Jared's great-grandson revolted.

I believe [that] to understand this chapter, we ust establish black and white, the good and the bad. (There were kings who ruled in righteousness, but did they have the scriptures? There is no mention of them, is there?)

First there was Orihah, (righteous, walked humbly before the Lord - GOOD), who begat Kib (It doesn't say how Kib was, but his son rebelled against him), who begat Corihor (He rebelled against his father and brought him into captivity) and later Shule (He was born in captivity and rebelled against his brother [Corihor], restoring the kingdom to Kib [his father]. Kib then, because of his old age, gives it to Shule. He ruled in righteousness. Corihor [Shule's brother] repents of his sins, and received power in his brother's kingdom.). Corihor begat Noah. (He rebels: Noah and Cohor [brothers], these guys rebelled and gave battle to their uncle, the king. They won, so they took the king [Shule] captive.)

BT- This is just one family, the greatest disputes are always between family, the one thing the devil strives to destroy.

Land of Moron:
Noah and Cohor w/ Shule captive. Shule begat sons. They freed Shule. Sons of Shule kill Noah. His son [Noah's son] takes over the kingdom after Noah's death. Now there are two kingdoms: kingdom of Shule (Good -- They prospered and waxed great) and New King, Cohor (Bad -- son of Noah, they wanted to go back to war). Cohor has a son, Nimrod, and he (Nimrod) gave the kingdom all to Shule. Nimrod gains favor sight of Shule and peace is restored to the kingdom.

Shule was a righteous king. Prophets came in his time and the people rebelled against them. But, Shule protected them. He made laws for their security. And because of it, the people were brought to repentance.

Shule remembered his forefathers and the blessings of the Lord upon these people, because of this he executed judgment in his days and always did righteousness.

04 July 1999

"Taught to Walk Humbly Before the Lord," Ether 6:12-30

Ether 6:12-30

Vs. 12 - Upon having arrived in the Promised Land, this people humbled themselves to the ground and gave thanks, a much different attitude than their children.
-- In short, the Jaredites that first came to the Americas were a humble, righteous people. Because they were, they began to multiply and become strong.

Vs. 22 - The people desired to have a king to lead them. Mahonri's first response is that this thing leadeth to captivity.
-- ALmost all the sons of Mahonri and Jared understood this and wouldn't be responsible for the captivity of the people. But they were not completely united. One of Jared's sons consented to be king, Orihah.

Vs. 28, 30 - How ever Orihah was not an evil man. He did reign in righteousness. He had humbled himself from before the Lord.

03 July 1999

"The Wind Did Never Cease to Blow Towards the Promised Land," Ether 6:1-11

Ether 6:1-11

Vs. 3 - Double meaning. The Lord prepared stones fro the Jaredite boats that they might not cross the waters in darkness. The same happens for us. The Lord has given us light that we might not travel through this life in darkness.

Vs. 5-8 - What a beautiful, spiritual parallel these verses are. 
  • The waters can be compared to the world. While we must live and pass through this world, we do not need to be swallowed up in it. 
  • The wind that pushed them along was the Power of God which if we let it will lead us to progress along the waters. The wind (the power of God) never did cease to blow.
  • The vessels that protected them from the waters were their preparation, having had headed to the word or council of the Lord, they were protected from the waters or the world, though at times they did get swallowed up in them. Like the early latter-day Saints, at times they were swallowed up in afflictions, but the Lord always allowed them to come out on top, because they cried unto Him in prayer. 
Vs. 9 - And when they had arrived they did sing praises unto them.
Vs. 10 - The parable/parallel continues. Whether in the water or above the water, they continually had light given unto them. Whether in or out of afflictions, the light of Christ always will shine if we let it. 

02 July 1999

"The Things Which I Have Sealed Up," Ether 5

Ether 5

Vs. 1 - Moroni had written down all that is found in chapter 4 from memory. How clear was his intelligence, his recollection.

Look at this! "I have told you the things which I have sealed up; therefore touch them not in order that ye may translate;"

There was a part of the plates that was sealed up. Moroni just said he told us what is on them according to his memory. So it was a summary that we have. Of what though?

It's also interesting to note that it was Moroni who sealed up that part of the Book of Mormon. So what we have now is literally what Mormon and Moroni  were commanded of the Lord to write.

Vs. 4 - Is there no power in the Book of Mormon? Most definitely there is. By the power of this book will all the world be judged at the Last Day. The Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost all testify of the Book of Mormon.

01 July 1999

"The Light, and the Life, and the Truth of the World," Ether 4:8-19

Ether 4:8-19

Vs. 9 - Why does a loving older brother tell us these things as if to cause fear in our hearts? He can't deny what is true.

Vs. 10 - If I don't believe the word of God, I believe not His disciples. Example - If I say I believe the words of Pres. Hinckley, I believe he is a prophet, but then if I don't hearken unto his counsel and fail to be obedient, I lie.

Vs. 11 - Because I believe in God and I have received of his Spirit, I know and must bear record of these truths.

Knowledge by the Spirit: This is Testimony.

Ether 4:11 - "...For because of my Spirit, he shall know that these things are true..."

2 Nephi 32:5 - "...if Ye will enter into the way, and receive the Holy Ghost, it will show unto you all things what ye should do."

3 Nephi 16:6 (Words of Christ) "...the Holy Ghost, which witnesses unto them of me and of the Father."

1 Cor. 12 - "...no man can say that Jesus is the Lord, but by the Holy Ghost."

Ether 4:13-14 - The knowledge & mysteries of God are kept hidden because of unbelief. That is because they don't have the Spirit to teach them
--> So what of those that really do feel the Spirit in other faiths? Why does the Lord permit that? I think, one, it might be so that they are able to recognize truth in part so to learn more and want the Spirit more. All men are God's children. Then they too also deserve the ability to search for truth.