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"And he even saw the Son of Righteousness," Ether 9

Ether 9

Vs. 3) The only way to avoid destruction was to completely choose the right. The King Omer was warned in a dream by the Lord.
 Vs. 5-6) Meanwhile, the wicked were power hungry and rebelled against one another and killed each other. Akish had his father-in-law killed and later his son, and eventually his power hungry empire imploded on itself and after it had fallen, vs. 13) Omer returned and established his son Emer as King.
Vs. 16) Under the reign of Emer, the Lord blessed the land.
Ether 9:19 - In the Americas, they had elephants!
Vs. 22) Emer is immortalized in history for having had seen the Savior. This one phrase tells us so much about his character. This explains success in his reign.
Vs. 26) King Heth, great grandson on Emer, dethroned his father. And unlike kings before him, Heth did not protect the prophets when they came out to call the people to repentance.
Vs. 30-35) The Lord sent them a plague and poisonous serpents.