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"Because of This Secret Combination," Ether 8

Ether 8

Shule (king) begat
Omer (king), who begat
Jared, rebelled against dad and went to the land Heth with 1/2 of the people.
  • Jared fought Omer and took him captive.
    • Omer in captivity begat Esrom and Coriantum.
 Esrom & Coriantumr fought Jared, their brother and regained the kingdom.

Vs. 9) The Jaredies had a scriptural account, record of everything from the beginning of the creation. This record also talks of secret plans and combinations. (BT- I understand now why the later prophets kept these things secret.)

  • Jared was sorrowful because of the loss of the kingdom, it was not godly sorrow. 
    • The daughter of Jared. 
Vs. 10) What did she want to be loved, she cared for her father, though corrupt, she dug up those secret combinations.
Vs. 13-15) Secret combinations were administered which came from Cain & the old serpent. There's a line: there nothing new about doing bad. Only the devil would have us believe there is. 

Vs. 23) This is why the book of Ether is in here. It is the account of the beginnnings of secret combinations, which oppose the word of God, and his mighty work! Moroni is talking to me directly, so that these things might not get above me.

The purpose of secret combination is murdering to get power and gain. It seems hard for me to imagine people doing such things, but perhaps they're now called contracts.

Vs. 25) Sin and the devil are just as closely as good and the Lord.