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"Brought unto Repentance," Ether 7

Ether 7

Vs. 5 - Captivity came quickly among the people. Within two generations, it happened. Jared's great-grandson revolted.

I believe [that] to understand this chapter, we ust establish black and white, the good and the bad. (There were kings who ruled in righteousness, but did they have the scriptures? There is no mention of them, is there?)

First there was Orihah, (righteous, walked humbly before the Lord - GOOD), who begat Kib (It doesn't say how Kib was, but his son rebelled against him), who begat Corihor (He rebelled against his father and brought him into captivity) and later Shule (He was born in captivity and rebelled against his brother [Corihor], restoring the kingdom to Kib [his father]. Kib then, because of his old age, gives it to Shule. He ruled in righteousness. Corihor [Shule's brother] repents of his sins, and received power in his brother's kingdom.). Corihor begat Noah. (He rebels: Noah and Cohor [brothers], these guys rebelled and gave battle to their uncle, the king. They won, so they took the king [Shule] captive.)

BT- This is just one family, the greatest disputes are always between family, the one thing the devil strives to destroy.

Land of Moron:
Noah and Cohor w/ Shule captive. Shule begat sons. They freed Shule. Sons of Shule kill Noah. His son [Noah's son] takes over the kingdom after Noah's death. Now there are two kingdoms: kingdom of Shule (Good -- They prospered and waxed great) and New King, Cohor (Bad -- son of Noah, they wanted to go back to war). Cohor has a son, Nimrod, and he (Nimrod) gave the kingdom all to Shule. Nimrod gains favor sight of Shule and peace is restored to the kingdom.

Shule was a righteous king. Prophets came in his time and the people rebelled against them. But, Shule protected them. He made laws for their security. And because of it, the people were brought to repentance.

Shule remembered his forefathers and the blessings of the Lord upon these people, because of this he executed judgment in his days and always did righteousness.