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"Taught to Walk Humbly Before the Lord," Ether 6:12-30

Ether 6:12-30

Vs. 12 - Upon having arrived in the Promised Land, this people humbled themselves to the ground and gave thanks, a much different attitude than their children.
-- In short, the Jaredites that first came to the Americas were a humble, righteous people. Because they were, they began to multiply and become strong.

Vs. 22 - The people desired to have a king to lead them. Mahonri's first response is that this thing leadeth to captivity.
-- ALmost all the sons of Mahonri and Jared understood this and wouldn't be responsible for the captivity of the people. But they were not completely united. One of Jared's sons consented to be king, Orihah.

Vs. 28, 30 - How ever Orihah was not an evil man. He did reign in righteousness. He had humbled himself from before the Lord.