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"The Wind Did Never Cease to Blow Towards the Promised Land," Ether 6:1-11

Ether 6:1-11

Vs. 3 - Double meaning. The Lord prepared stones fro the Jaredite boats that they might not cross the waters in darkness. The same happens for us. The Lord has given us light that we might not travel through this life in darkness.

Vs. 5-8 - What a beautiful, spiritual parallel these verses are. 
  • The waters can be compared to the world. While we must live and pass through this world, we do not need to be swallowed up in it. 
  • The wind that pushed them along was the Power of God which if we let it will lead us to progress along the waters. The wind (the power of God) never did cease to blow.
  • The vessels that protected them from the waters were their preparation, having had headed to the word or council of the Lord, they were protected from the waters or the world, though at times they did get swallowed up in them. Like the early latter-day Saints, at times they were swallowed up in afflictions, but the Lord always allowed them to come out on top, because they cried unto Him in prayer. 
Vs. 9 - And when they had arrived they did sing praises unto them.
Vs. 10 - The parable/parallel continues. Whether in the water or above the water, they continually had light given unto them. Whether in or out of afflictions, the light of Christ always will shine if we let it.